Mission Statement

To partner with, advise, and invest in leading aerospace, defense, and homeland security companies throughout the world.

Consultant & Advisor

The Four Star Group (“FSG”) is an advisor and consultant to The Gores Group ("TGG"), a private equity firm with $3 billion of committed equity capital, to leading aerospace and defense companies, and to companies that partner with other leading companies to provide advanced technology to the United States Government and other technology markets and entities. FSG was founded Sept 2006 by William B. Patton and General Paul A. Weaver.

The FSG Advisory Board members and Chairman and Management Board Chairman noted below are among the
most respected DOD senior officials, retired military generals and business executives. Because of the qualifications
and respect for the FSG members both within DOD and in private industry FSG has become known as a much
respected consulting entity.

Members of Advisory Board are:

F. Whitten Peters, the 19th Secretary of the Air Force and a member of the Defense Science Board

General John Jumper, (Ret), Chief of Staff of USAF and member of the Joint Chiefs

General Gregory Martin, (Ret), Commander, USAF Material Command

General Lance Lord, (Ret), Commander, USAF Space command

Major General Ron Bath, (Ret), Deputy Director DOD Quadrennial Review

Numerous other associates; senior civilian and retired military.

Members of the Management Board

William Patton, Chairman & CEO, Computer and Technology Industry executive with extensive senior management experience.

Major General Paul Weaver, (Ret), Commander US Air National Guard & Chairman of The Four Star Group Advisory Board.

FSG provides advice and assistance in areas of personal knowledge and experience to The Gores Group and to its portfolio companies in the areas of Defense, Space, Military and Homeland Security. FSG Advisory Board members are recognized for their obvious knowledge and cognizance as to DOD needs and therefore are extremely well qualified to assess for clients the applicability of their products and services to such needs. FSG provides the same services to other clients.

Members of the FSG Advisory board serve on Boards of Directors, Technical Advisory Boards, important DOD Boards, and provide opinions to clients on products, strategies, & tactics.

FSG and its members have group or individual business relationships with Powerwave, SM&A, CompuDyne, Norment, Tiberon, Signami, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, Sierra Nevada Corp, SAIC, Unisys, Alenia, Jacobs Engineering, TechTeam Government Solutions, BAE, General Dynamics, Microsoft, the Defense Science Board, FireScope, and numerous other business entities and government agencies worldwide that are desirous of the group’s or an individual’s expertise.

It is the foregoing “lattice network” that gives the organization such group expertise and such an outstanding reputation.


To provide aerospace and defense companies, TGG and FSG portfolio companies with access to an extensive base of relevant aerospace and defense industry knowledge, expertise, and business relationships that combined with access to equity capital and transaction expertise, will enhance and expedite a corporate partner's revenue growth opportunities and financial performance. FSG as a group and as individuals have bus

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